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We no longer break the news, but we like to watch it bounce.


Scribblista is an online personna of Su Avasthi.

However, the opionions expressed by Scribblista in no way reflect those of Su. Nor should Su be held responsible for anything that Scribblista might say or do. Any resemblance between Scribblista and Su is purely coincidental and probably just your imagination.

Truth is, we hear that Scribblista is a real big-mouth. And a gossip. She's snarky and shallow and way too obsessed with corrupt politicos, expensive shoes and all sorts of irrelevant, goofy information that comes her way.

Plus, she's been known to exaggerate. And sometimes lie. And she'll make out with just about anybody after a couple cocktails.

Bottom line: She's a lot like the New York Times.


irony, earnesty, mesas, skyscrapers, high heels, flip flops, conversation, non-verbal communication, chocolate, vanilla