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First it was the Jack Russel Terrier, and just last week the "it" dog was supposed to be the Chihuahua. What is the shelf life of a pet these photo shoot? Where do all of last week's dogs go?


Again, you have swooped the news..just this morning our beloved Matt & Katie were holding one on the today show..very very cute, but NOT as cute as the schnauzeranian (aka, Buddy).


Mmmm.... and do you think that your Buddy is actually cuter than the more famous Buddy over at cityrag?

Until a Buddy-off happens, it's important to protect him from Cruella... we hear she's out to make herself some sort of puppy coat.

As for Matt & Katie, the entire Scribblista staff works very hard to find any and all opportunities to beat, upstage, embarrass or mock the Today Show whenever we possibly can. And we invite our readers to mock them with us.


I don't care how trendy that little thing is, I WANT ONE!!! That has got to be the cutest puppy of all time.

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