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Thanks S., our Netflix queue now reflects reading your list (and the haiku format is way doublegood). Well, except for Wallace & Gromit, we're still not quite cool enough for that one.

Looking forward to Junebug especially. How about a list of favorite records?


In total agreement with your top 2!


Hey Scribblista, Thanks for mentioning Junebug. I never got a chance to see it when it was in town, and keep forgetting that I can probably rent it by now. A much-needed reminder!


The only thing that kept "Junebug" from being my favorite this past year was the just-too-melodramatic climax.

The first two reviewers on our film blog -- -- had "Junebug" on their lists, including one at No. 1.

Reviews scared me away from "Dogtown," but it's high on the rental wish list.

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