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The Metrospective

And not just any frame.

They went all out by going to the Baghdad Michael's and getting something with a gold leaf applique.


And so what happened to that little Geneva Convention thingie about not parading pictures of the dead that Rummie complained about at the start of his war?
I know, I know, all bets are off and rules of war are like nipples on a man, for decorative purposes only. If truth is the first casualty of war, hypocrisy is made the first hero, vaunted at every opportunity. And did you notice how quickly the state media sycophants jumped through their own anuses to publish and name the Pentagon's Muslim replacement for the dead boogeyman?
And what exactly is the US soldier pointing to in the picture? Maybe it's al-Zarqawis' Peace-Love-Dove tattoo? Or more realistically, maybe it's where the 119th piece of shrapnel entered his body, kind of a road map of fatal wounds. What say we show the same for Iraqi children killed by US bombs, make those same neckless warriors point out the reality of smart bomb strikes.

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