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I'm no Wiki-King - that's the title of Jimbo Wales (who funnily enough was totally unaware of the Colbert situation) - as for the plane ticket, do you honestly think I can afford the thousand or so it'd cost to fly to New York and back not to mention a hotel and the full deal, especially when I'm a student....

Seriously, it was a joke (and for that matter a parody of the CR)


Anyone who controls Wikipedia's servers is a Wiki-King to me.
And, by all means, Colbert should fly you out to NY for the show. In fact, they should put you up at the Four Seasons.

It's only been around for a couple years, but I can't imagine life without Wikipedia anymore... even though it means it's time to throw out my family's 1977 World Book Encyclopedia Set.


Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


Hi, I congratulate you on Merry Christmas!

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