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As someone who considers himself a friend to the Japanese-American community (I eat a lot of sushi) I am horrified on your use of the phrase 'nip slips'.

Please join me in erasing the phrases 'nip in the air' and 'Cheese nip' from the vernacular.

But don't stop eating Cheese nips: they're tasty.


I too eat a lot of sushi. But I am unwilling to nip a lovely phrase like "nip slip" in the bud. Same goes for Jack Frost, when he comes nipping at my nose.


As a cracker-jap (Japanese-American) I must say I am confused about the words "nip slip." Are you talking about something a Japanese might wear under her kimono? Or is it something a Japanese businessman might do when walking on an icy sidewalk? Or is it like a sushi lover ordering uni when she really wants maguro (i.e., akin to a Freudian slip)?


A nip slip is something a Japanese woman might inadvertantly wear OUTSIDE of her kimono!

Though you have a point about the Japanese business man....


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